The average cost of auto insurance in Florida is now over $1,800 a year with no sign of going down. That's twice what the average American pays, but you can stop paying high rates now by shopping your coverage around.

Nearly 40% of Americans have never taken the time to shop around for car insurance because they feel the time it takes doesn't result in big savings.

Auto insurance prices in FloridaWhat if we told you that a recent study showed that Florida drivers would save over $1,100 if they just took the time to comparison shop! It only takes a few minutes to get price quotes from a lot of companies, and you can determine if your current rates are competitive.

Our site provides a lot of information on shopping for cheaper Florida insurance, and you can use what you learn to control your rates and get better coverage. Don't be at the mercy of the big insurance companies. Take control today and find better prices on your terms.

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